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Success Stories
Success Story - Insurance Provider
The client's VP of Group Insurance needed a partner to help them prospect and qualify companies. This client now continues to look for new ways to use our expertise.

Success Story - IT Solutions - Lead Management
Our client was able to use our lead management and lead nurturing capabilities to become more effective in following up with their inquiries and their lead generation initiatives.

Latest News
InTouch to create social media program for Fortune 500 network management provider
InTouch, a leading provider of lead generation services for the complex sale, announced it will launch a social media pilot program for a Fortune 500 network management provider.

Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch and author of "Lead Generation for the Complex Sale"

You can probably name a number of ways to generate leads for your sales organization. But here's the catch - some produce high-quality "sales ready" leads and some are just dead ends. InTouch optimizes lead generation ROI by providing the essential human touch that enables your sales people to focus on selling to convert highly qualified leads into revenue.

What Is A Complex Sale?

Businesses that are engaged in long-term sales processes that require prolonged education and nurturing of the prospect, frequently over a 6 to 36 month sales cycle. Many businesses with a complex sale provide solutions to their clients that tend to be sophisticated, designed to solve crucial business issues, and are managed deliberately and with precision.

How Do We Work With Your Leads?

  • Get in - Identify the right people in the right companies
  • Stay in - Establish a memorable dialog
  • Qualify - Ask the right questions
  • Nurture - Stay engaged with relevant content and timely conversations until they're ready to convert
  • Optimize - Leverage the value of your leads and inquiries to generate more revenue and ROI

How Do We Work With Your Company?

On the chart below there is a description of a typical sales team working leads on the left. On the right is that same sales team working together with InTouch.

Typical Sales Team With InTouch lead generation:
When the sales team is selling, they are not identifying new opportunities. Consistent prospecting continues while the sales team is fired up to put their most valuable skills to use.
Because they're not dedicating enough time to prospecting, the sales team cannot consistently reach the right decision makers. With the best possible decision makers targeted, the sales team will be talking to the right person the first time.
Less direct dialog with decision makers can lead to a lack of real-world market information on which to base sales and marketing strategies. Direct, meaningful conversations with your target market uncover information that translates into better decisions.
Sales and marketing programs lack needed synergy. Sales and marketing efforts can be continuously honed, adjusted and improved.
As a result of an unclear target market, new customers are less than ideal. Deals that convert will be with your ideal customer profile more often.
Fewer qualified leads in the pipeline. More sales opportunities close and are more profitable. Sales pipeline is more viable and predictable.

What Kind Of Results Will Your Company See?

  • A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities.
  • Increased knowledge of who the most viable prospects are in your market.
  • Focus on the key decision makers in each of your target organizations.
  • Improved sales team effectiveness (more targeted selling time).
  • More predictable revenue growth.

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